Top tips to let go of your clothes

Top tips to let go of your clothes
Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.
— Mark Twain

5 Ways to let go off your clothes

When you enter my parents's house on the Tuscan hills in Italy you are stepping into a museum walking through different epochs. This is because my parents don't throw anything away. They keep everything: even the hair brush that has no needles anymore. The hair dryer is from the 1970s shaped like a giant bulky red horse face and the phone still relies to manually use your fingers to rotate the numbers.  

While there is a part of me who loves that, because it brings me comfort knowing that time has stopped, I don't like to hold on to things. I have a hate and love relationship with materialistic things. I find myself buying them and then go through phases of throwing away (donating), like someone suffering from bulimia. Suddenly there is clutter that obfuscates my mind and I need to let it go.  

What I usually find myself letting go is clothes, mostly because they have stains, holes, I am too old to wear them or I just changed my style too much. I actually bought a book about organizing my closet and selecting what to let go. 


1. When was the last time you worn it? If the answer is 2 years ago, donate.

2. Does it fit? If you think you'll lose those 15 pounds you gained back in college it is time to look at yourself and acknowledge it won't happen. Plus your style at that point might change. Donate.

3. Does it have stains, holes, discoloration, fading colors? Ditch.

4. Is it appropriate to wear now that you are in your 30s or 40s or even 50s? The mini skirt you bought when you were 16 is probably ready to be let go. 

5. Does it have sentimental value? Keep one item of sentinel value for each year/change of wardrobe. 

If you really follow these 5 tips of cleaning up your closet you'll finally be able to walk inside your closet for once and see easily select your favorite clothing items. It is also a fun way to start over, to analyze what you really need to buy. This is where I am now. 

My closet before the big clean up.

My closet before the big clean up.