How to wear a yellow striped skirt

How to wear a yellow striped skirt
white bridge
Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.
— Lauren Hutton
old prison

My striped yellow skirt. I get to wear my yellow skirt in the summer paired with either a cropped top or just a simple white tee. This was a skirt bought in Italy in the Patricia Pepe's store in Lucca. It came with the same cropped top. The fabric is amazing, very high quality. 

The pictures from this shoot were taken around Cascade Park. We started our walk at the old art deco district by Cascade Park that will be tore down soon for new development. If you are nostalgic like me about older buildings you need to get your pictures now. From here we walked up to the bridge that connects Cascade to FAMU Way down to the pond and food truck area. It is quite beautiful at night when the lights reflect on the walls.

FAMU Way - Pond

FAMU Way - Pond

Pictures taken by Hannah Elizabeth at