How to wear sleeveless cocktail dress in winter

How to wear sleeveless cocktail dress in winter

Here are 3 main ways you can wear sleevesless dresses all winter long and stay cozy and warm. Have you ever wondered why clothing brands sell super cute and sexy New Year and Chirstmas dresses yet you can’t wear them because it is freezing out? How do you wear a sleeveless dress in the winter? I focused on 3 main looks that are totally versatile and you can pair with clothing items you already have. And you will be warm.

Style Tips On How To Wear Winter Cocktail Dresses

  1. Wear a particular sweater underneath. In this case your dress should probably be one size or half size bigger. This will allow you to hide the sweater underneath without looking too bulky. Choose a dress that has a slim waist but opens on the bottom.

  2. Choose unique sweaters. It could be the fabric, or the print or the accents, but go bold and make a statement. Why not wearing a gold sweater with pearls?


Wearing Anthropologie Silver dress similar here // Dillard’s shoes similar here // United Benetton pink sweater

2. Wear a blouse, a shirt with long sleeves. I chose a heavy denim jacket by J.crew, but I have seen very cute lace tops (Free People) that could add a unique mark to your sleeveless dress.


3. Let it all go. Wear with a bras or fancy lingerie, maybe a festive bra and make sure you will be indoor at all times. In this case I wear a puffy jacket (not pictured) and I just keep it simple. It does help that I live in Florida too.


You’ll notice that the dress is a bit bigger on me. I don’t particularly mind it as I wear it in the winter or I use a belt to define my waist. Would love to see how you all wear winter cocktail sleeveless dress. Share your tips in the comments.

All pictures are copyrighted and taken by local Tallahassee photographer Natalie. Her work can be seen here.