Pho Noodles
Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.
— Mark Twain

Let me warn you that this recipe is not easy. It took me 5 days to prepare it and numerous runs to different supermarkets, in addition to chats with friends. This is for those who need a challenge in their life. 

My friends Mel and Brandon introduced me to pho noodles few weeks ago in Miami. I have been interested for a long time but did not know where to get it in Tallahassee or how to make it. After one bowl I was hooked and came back to Tallahassee with the intention of making it.

Because of how strenuous the recipe is I will defer to the food blog where I got the recipe if you want to get the ingredients and process. I just followed the recipe step by step. It 'only' took me 5 days instead of two I guess. 

The results were overall good. The broth was really good. I am just not sure if I assembled the bowl right at the end. At that point I was so tired from the whole experience. Next time I would like to try to make the broth with ox tails which I read is also an option. This recipe is indeed made with ginger. Funny story is that after finally eating it and having ready I left the broth out one day and it went so bad I had to throw it away. True story, true pho story.