Puglia and soft hair shampoo

Puglia and soft hair shampoo
Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off
— unknown

Puglia. A charming and hidden gem in South Italy. Soft Hair. A woman's best friend and a gold crown. What does Puglia have in common with my hair? Nothing really. I got a hair cut before I came to Italy and have been using the tea tree shampoo by Maple Holistic as a remedy for many years of hair damaged. The shampoo is 100% organic and made in USA. You know I am all about organic, healthy, free animal cruelty products, which is really hard to find in regular stores. 


Pros: keeps the hair clean, does not leave the hair greasy, on the contrary it is perfect to control oil/greasy hair.

Cons: strong smell. I personally like the smell. It smells almost like an Indian, muscular essence. At first it is quite strong, but once you dry your hair it is very pleasant. 

I must say that since I moved to more natural products like the Tea Tree shampoo my hair is much better. I also stop coloring my hair, which might have helped. I rarely dry my hair or flat iron it. When it comes to hair you really need to include different remedies, not just hoping one shampoo will do magic. I even like to rotate my shampoos during different seasons as during winter I need something more creamy and heavy. 

If you are looking for DYI hair remedies and have time to do it (buying the Tea Tree shampoo might be faster) here is a list:

Anthropology green skirt // Furla leather bag // brown leather Frye shoes

Anthropology green skirt // Furla leather bag // brown leather Frye shoes

Banana Home Made Hair Remedy:

The ingredients in this hair mask might be a little outlandish, but it is a very good hair mask to promote healthy hair and scalp, strengthen hair follicles, and heal your already damaged hair. For this hair mask you will need two overripe bananas, a tablespoon of honey, a table spoon of olive oil, and a tablespoon of coconut oil. You have to blend the bananas so that there are no chunks, add the rest of the ingredients, and then blend the entire mixture together. Once you have let it sit in your hair for five minutes, you simply wash it away with warm water.

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