Red Gingham Dress
When in doubt, wear red
— Bill Blass

A red gingham dress is a staple of every girl. With the recent gingham trends and the varsity of style anybody can pull a gingham dress or at least opt for a funky accessory with this print. While there are many clothing with gingham prints I only like 1/3 of it. The frantic and cut must be well-fitted otherwise this can make anyone look like a clown, a sad one. I gathered my top red gingham dresses with few gingham accessories for you all to shop. I have my eyes on the very last, which I had wished it came in red. Which one is your favorite? And which store has a large selection of gingham dresses? 

Why I like this dress: scream for summer and comfort during the Florida hot season. Easy to wear for birthday parties and just roam at the supermarket. Pair with ballet shoes or roman sandals with a messy pony tail. Type: girly

Red Gingham  Prada Clutch

Red Gingham Prada Clutch

When to wear it: bring on the beach to keep your lip balm or phone. Convert into a purse for night outs by the beach or strolling down the good trucks. 

When to wear it: summer vacation, under your swim suit, strolling down the streets of Europe or Thailand. Do wear with your swimsuit. Type: bohemian or comfy

Gucci Red Gingham Shows

Gucci Red Gingham Shows

Whit Quinn Gingham  Dress

Whit Quinn Gingham Dress