Top Restaurants in Tallahassee

Top Restaurants in Tallahassee

Tallahassee is certainly not known for its fining dining, but over the years there has been some improvement in diversity and quality. Here's my list for top restaurants in Tallahassee.

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.
— Orson Welles

Where To Eat In Tallahassee

1. SAGE: 3534 Maclay Blvd Street

One of my favorite spots to have brunch on Sundays, but their dinners won't keep you disappointed. Their menu changes each season. If they have the filet mignon order it as it is the best one I ever had. The mussels with chorizo are also full of flavor and delicious. On the appetizers their paté was another hit for me. It is pricy for a restaurant in Tallahassee, but follows the same price of other restaurants such as Cypress. Parigian restaurants still remain the top choice for me, but if I can't have Paris I'll have Sage.

2. COCINERO: 402 Tennessee Street by the high school and Cypress 

My list for top restaurants in Tallahassee has no proper criteria. You'll find the fine dining experience as well as the food trunk that serves fried oysters. For such reasons my next choice is El Cocinero by Leon high school. Hard parking, always crowded during 6PM on a Friday, but love the food and drinks. My usual spot is sitting at the bar and drinking their margarita or their shots. Best selection of fresh tequila. You can eat at the bar on selected days, which makes it convenient if the place is too busy to sit at the regular table. Start at the bar, enjoy one of their drinks and move to the table to have your dinner. Don't miss their home-made and fresh guacamole. They literally make it on order. Skip their sandwiches but order their food bowls. Juicy rice served over with seasoned chicken, black beans and fresh cilantro + lime. If you are not in the mood for a bowl of rice and bean, their tacos are excellent. I like their corn tortillas as they are hearty. I stick to the meat or vegan ones. If you are looking for a digestive liquor to end your night, ask for Montenegro, an Italian liquor that they only serve. Apparently one of the people who works there lived in Italy and brought some of it back! 

3. +39 at Urban Market: 2415 N. Monroe at the Old Tallahassee Mall. 

While the location is nothing special, on the contrary it resonates with a cafeteria, the food at Urban Market is the best in town and true to Italian cuisine. The fine dining restaurant is just any if not better than Italian restaurants in Italy. If they keep the menù Italian and stay away from Mac and cheese or other Americanized plates this restaurant will have a long run. 

4. Clusters and Hop: 707 N. Monroe

Located next to a mattress store, this tiny hole in a place offers a unique experience. You walk inside what could be a deli and wine store but opens up to a bar and few tables. The menù does not change but we love it for it with its filet, truffle, mushrooms and patè and his long selection of wine. You can even buy a bottle there and open it while you dine. 

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